About the Community Access Center

The Community Access Center was developed by caring people and organizations in the community to help local citizens navigate through the many resources available to them.

The center makes it easy to know what services and resources are available.The goal of the  Community Access Center is to bring many agencies and services together within the walls of the center itself in order to more effectively serve families, prevent duplication of services and assist in accessing services that will benefit the particular family’s needs – working more effectively as a team to accomplish more together than separately.

The services and support system garnered at the  Community Access Centerwill build on existing family and community strengths and focus on improving the lives of those living with in our community.  Referrals are made to local agencies for medical, emotional or spiritual support.   A “One-Stop Shop” concept where residents can gain entry into a variety of services is the focus of the Community Access Center.

The  Community Access Center opened its doors because of the needs within the community after the flooding in SE Kansas in July 2007.  As individuals and agencies quickly learned, the center’s operation consisted of helping people find help, regardless of the crisis or circumstance.

The philosophy of the  Community Access Center is addressed in this definition of community; belonging to and maintained by and for the local community.

History and Purpose
The  Community Access Center(CAC) was established following the flood in July, 2007. Its purpose is to bring agencies and services together within the walls of the center in order to serve families and individuals more effectively and to prevent duplication of services. The  Community Access Centerhas a variety of resources available to assist a family or individual and also has staff persons who can help assess their needs, match resources to needs, make referrals where appropriate, and partner with other service organizations in the community. 

Mission Statement
“Embodying hope, the  Community Access Center will provide resource and referral for those in need so that lives are changed and communities are transformed.” 

Vision Statement
“A place of care and hope where people are served and serve others.”

Hours of Operation
Hours of business will be Monday through Friday 10:00AM – 4:00PM excluding holidays or inclement weather conditions.

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